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Apparel manufacturing is labour oriented and thus migrated to low wage countries over the decades. It is an industry that employs relatively low-skilled workers that works behind the machines. It is already established that human operators are not suitable for tasks that require repetitive actions, any human being is prone to cognitive and auditory distractions, thus not suitable for tasks that require visual concentrations. But, should we surrender to human frailties or use technology to augment human performance? We at Apparel 4.0 believe that clever use of technology can bring significant change in the way we manufacture apparel around the world and remove the stigma of “sweat shop” tag for apparel manufacturing. Let’s make our factory a smarter place to work for.

Our Solutions

Intelligent Skill Mapping and Rating Technology (i-SMART) is the world's first and only technology that evaluates the skill of a sewing machine operator. i-SMART generates operation-neutral generic skill scores of sewing operators which are numerical, objective and scientific. Supervisor can use the i-SMART for scientific operator allocation, human resources can use i-SMART for wage fixation, merchandisers can use i-SMART for order acceptance, and many more. Welcome to the digitalised and empowered sewing workforce. 

3D Printed Parts

Fashion is about change and slight modification of a style can necessitate a specific spare part / attachment at production stage and availability of the right part at the right time can become a challenge. We challenge the industry stereotype with 3D printing technology, no need to maintain physical inventory, just download the electronic file from e-catalogue and print the physical part at the point of consumption, just in time. Welcome to an amazing world of 3D Printed spare parts for sewn product manufacturing.

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Intelligent Work Study (i-WS) is the world's first and only technology that conducts Time & Motion study without any sweat (human intervention). i-WS uses machine vision systems and Artificial Intelligence to calculate Key Performance Indicators (KPI) like needle running time, handling time, hand movement heat map, etc. While existing methods are cumbersome, time consuming and prone to manual error, i-WS is a fast, accurate and unprecedented method improvement tool to Industrial Engineers.

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Intelligent Real-time Production Monitoring (i-RPM) is the world's first and only technology that calculates the sewing production remotely without any actions from the sewing operator. While the existing external systems (RFID/NFC/QR etc.) are subject to human frailties, and IoT based systems offer limited accuracy, i-RPM is completely automatic, uses Artificial Intelligence, can work with any sewing machine and captures sewing production with highest accuracy possible in the industry.

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Meet the Team

Prabir Jana

Co-founder and Director

Professor, Department of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi


Deepak Panghal

Co-founder and Director

Assistant Professor, Department of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi


Deepti Sao

Head Operations

BE (Electrical & Electronics) & MFT, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi


Sanchit Gumber

Manager R&D

Bachelor of Fashion Technology
(B.F. Tech), National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi



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